Travel Motivation

I’m currently in the process of quitting my job, packing up my room, and temporarily uprooting my life (a process which is certainly having it’s ups and downs, something I am trying/am not quite ready/don’t know how to write about yet). While sorting through my drawers, I came across an old notebook with a note … More Travel Motivation

Happy List #1

The cat who sits in our garden every day watching the birds The cat who sits in the window by the fish tank on my way to the gym When people’s umbrellas turn inside out When the bag of cereal opens perfectly “I’ll cook for you tonight” Inbox (0) The way dogs look at their … More Happy List #1

It’s better to be Awkwardly Honest than just Awkward

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a stack of half-written messages in your Notes app. Messages you’ve been too scared to send to certain people about problems you’re too worried to confront. You’re worried that confronting the problem will lead to an awkward conversation (one you’re too nervous to have) and so, logically, … More It’s better to be Awkwardly Honest than just Awkward