Writing has always been a way for me to express, examine and connect with the world around me. Starting this blog has been a way for me to do so, and to write about the things I care about — people, planet and prose.

Why ‘Write Kinda Life’?

The Write Kinda Life is a place to write about topics and conversations I value; to share voices and views of those who inspire me; to navigate what is “right” and “wrong” in a society that seems to be constantly changing; and to push myself to constantly unlearn and relearn what I think I know of the world around me.

In particular, it is a place to write about optimism, climate and social justice.

Some of my posts are comprised purely of my own thoughts. Other times they are a collection of mine and the views, thoughts and opinions of people I admire. In all cases, I aim to do my utmost to credit those accordingly, with the intent to amplify a range of voices and encourage my readers to visit such individuals’ work too. If you see something which you feel hasn’t been properly cited, please feel free to give me a nudge!

The topics I tend to write about don’t just involve me; for that reason*, I keep my platform and blog as anonymous as possible, to practice removing myself from the narrative and present ideas in as general way as possible. (*I am, however, aware that my views will obviously be biased by the position/privileges/& status I hold in life, and so will be keeping this in review!)

Charlie x