1. Expected tipping for taxi’s is 10%.
  2. I’ve thus learnt how to work out 10% of something. I’m quite mathematically challenged but turns out it’s really easy (only moving one decimal place).
  3. Don’t use the baggage drops outside the airport – they will asked to be tipped whereas inside they don’t.
  4. Everyone wants to be tipped.
  5. There are many different gates for security
  6. and people aren’t so accommodating or patient when you can’t understand how to find the right one.
  7. Subway (as in the sandwich placeis open 24/7. 
  8. In Miami Airport you have to use an automated customs machine on arrival, where you answer a series of questions followed by scanning your finger tips and taking a photo of you. This is then printed out on a receipt with unnervingly looks a lot like how a police sketch artist would draw you.
  9. Onward/connecting flights are after baggage claim. This is useful to know before you think you’ve gone too far and start panicking & backtracking.
  10. You can’t go backwards in an airport. American security especially don’t like it. 

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